11th Annual International Zebrafish Husbandry Course – 2024


Join us for an immersive experience at the 11th International Zebrafish Husbandry Course!

30th September – 4th October 2024, Tecniplast Congress Centre, Buguggiate (Italy).

Immerse yourself in insightful presentations led by facility managers and veterinarians who are pioneering advancements in zebrafish husbandry within their facilities and across the zebrafish community. Gain invaluable firsthand knowledge on optimizing your current facilities directly from speakers who have set elevated standards in zebrafish breeding, fry growth, and facility management.

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Some topics include:

  • BROODSTOCK MANAGEMENT: Maximizing embryo yield from your fish
  • FRY REARING: Implementing cutting-edge techniques to enhance survival rates and growth
  • HEALTH MANAGEMENT: Prevention and early detection strategies
  • ZEBRAFISH TECHNIQUES: Exploring cryopreservation and in vitro fertilization methods
  • GENETIC COLONY MANAGEMENT: Strategies for preventing inbreeding
  • FACILITY PLANNING: Anticipating future needs for effective facility management


This Symposium is limited to a maximum of 35 participants to encourage interactions and networking.

11th Annual International Zebrafish Husbandry Course – 2024 - Aquatic Solutions
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