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Zebrafish Development and Genetics
August 5-19, 2019
MBL - Woods Hole, Maine

This is an intensive two-week course targeted towards advanced graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and independent zebrafish.
The is a collaborative workshop type of course which objective is to promote excellence in zebrafish research through mutual collaboration and interactive discussions guided by 20 international leaders in the field. Enrollment is limited to 22 students. Financial assistance is available.

More information: http://www.mbl.edu/education/special-topics-courses/zebrafish-development-and-genetics/

Health and Colony Management of Laboratory Fish
August 11-16, 2019
MDI - Bar Harbor, Maine

This course is directed by Michael Kent, Ph.D., College of Veterinary Medicine, Oregon State University. The purpose of this course is to help laboratory technicians, researchers, and veterinarians monitor and maintain the health of a colony of aquatic organisms, focusing on zebrafish. Veterinarians and veterinary trainees, as well as technical staff, students, postdocs, and investigators will benefit from this course.

Course approved by the AAVSB RACE (American Association of Veterinary State Boards Registry of Approved Continuing Education) - 33 Continuing Education Credits to veterinarians and veterinary technicians.

More information https://mdibl.org/education/courses/ or email the Education Office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Zebrafish Husbandry Education Course - Online
August 27 through December 20

Course content is designed for technicians, scientists, & others working with zebrafish in research. It is available on any computer or mobile device with an internet connection.

  • Two new sessions come online each week, and each is online for 3 weeks to accommodate time differences.
  • Each session includes PDF notes and a transcript to assist in learning.
  • Each session is followed by an online quiz.  Achieving a score of at least 80% on all quizzes and completion of a course evaluation results awarding of a Certificate of Completion.

Curriculum contents include sessions on Basic Fish Biology; Introduction to Zebrafish; Introduction to Water Quality; Making Water; Temperature; pH; Salinity; Alkalinity, and Hardness; Dissolved Gases; Nitrogenous Wastes; Mechanical Filtration; Biological Filtration; UV Sterilizers; Maintenance and Troubleshooting; Emergency Procedures and Preparation; Spawning Techniques; Larviculture; Zebrafish Nutrition; Production of Live Feeds; Cleaning and Disinfection; Prevention of Disease; Procedures for Quarantine; Introduction to Disease and Non-infectious Diseases; Nonbacterial Infectious Diseases; Bacterial Infectious Diseases; Anesthesia and Euthanasia; Aquatic Facilities Design; IACUC for Zebrafish Facilities; and Regulatory Oversight.

Registration is open for the fall  Cost:  $45
To register please follow this link
For More Information: Contact: Dr. Susan Farmer ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) or Dr. Hugh Hammer ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )

4th Zebrafish for Personalized/Precision Medicine (ZPPM) Conference, and 3rd Zebrafish Neuroscience Workshop
September 18-20, 2019
Toronto, Canada

The goal of this conference is to bring together scientists from both biological and medical research fields to accelerate the translation of zebrafish-based knowledge to clinical applications. This will include generation of more predictive “humanized” disease models, dissection of disease mechanisms and discovery of new disease treatment methods.
Important Dates
Cover page design competition deadline: July 31, 2019
4th ZPPM Conference: Sept 18 – 20, 2019
3rd Neuroscience Workshop: Sept. 18, 2019
More information: https://www.zebrafishcentre.com/conference-2019/

8th Annual Int’l Zebrafish Husbandry Course
October 1st – October 4th, 2019
Tecniplast Congress Centre, Buguggiate (VA) – Italy

This course is presented by facility managers who are advancing Zebrafish husbandry in their facilities and in the Zebrafish community. Participants will get firsthand knowledge from speakers who have greatly improved the levels of zebrafish breeding, fry growth and facility management.


Broodstock Management: get more embryos out of your fish
Fry Rearing: Cutting edge techniques to improve survival rate and growth
Health Management: Prevention and Recognition
Zebrafish Techniques: Cryopreservation and in vitro fertilization
Genetic Colony Management: Avoiding inbreeding
Facility Planning: Thinking ahead of proper space allows for proper Facility Management
Limited to 35 Participants

For registration, contact:
In the USA & Canada – Lance Squires at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
All other countries – Marco Brocca at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Debora Nise at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Zebrafish Neural Circuits & Behavior
November 20-23, 2019
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, New York

This meeting will provide a forum for presentation and discussion of the most innovative and exciting research currently ongoing in neuroscience using the zebrafish model. Sessions will range from genetic tools all the way to cognition, and the program will provide broad coverage of the field from molecular to systems neuroscience. Sessions and workshops focused on technological innovations will supplement the program, allowing for dissemination of cutting-edge methods that are revolutionizing the field.

Important Dates

Abstract Submission August 30th, 2019
Registration October 5th, 2019
More information https://meetings.cshl.edu/meetings.aspx?meet=ZEBRA&year=19

Aquaculture America 2020
February 9–12, 2020
Honolulu, Hawaii

Aquaculture America 2020 will draw on the Asia-Pacific region, Canada, USA, Latin America, Europe and the rest of the world to create one of the largest aquaculture trade shows in the world. The exhibition definitely will have one of the widest variety of products of any trade show ever. This is your opportunity to inspect the latest in products and services for the aquaculture industry.

Important Dates

Abstract Submission August 31, 2019
Registration is now open: https://www.was.org/meetings/registration/default.aspx?code=AA2020
For more contact John Cooksey at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

TAGC2020 - The Allied Genetics Conference
April 22–26, 2020
Metro Washington, DC

This unique GSA conference brings together multiple biological research communities to both spark new synergies and strengthen existing relationships. With a mix of topic-driven and community-specific sessions, TAGC 2020 is designed to shape the big picture and showcase the fundamental unity of biology—all while providing attendees the chance to spend time with old friends and valued colleagues from around the world.

Important Dates

Registration Opens Abstract Submission Opens - October 2019
Abstract Submission Deadline - December 5, 2019
Hotel Reservation Deadline - April 1, 2020
Advance Registration Deadline - April 17, 2020

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