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8th Annual International Zebrafish Husbandry Course

Courtesy: IMP Vienna, Pauli lab

Limited to 35 Participants

October 1st – October 4th, 2019 

Tecniplast Congress Centre
Buguggiate (VA) – Italy

Presented by a distinguished panel of leaders in the Zebrafish Community

This course is presented by facility managers who are advancing Zebrafish husbandry in their facilities and in the Zebrafish community. Participants will get firsthand knowledge from speakers who have greatly improved the levels of zebrafish breeding, fry growth and facility management.

Broodstock Management: get more embryos out of your fish
Fry Rearing: Cutting edge techniques to improve survival rate and growth
Health Management: Prevention and Recognition
Zebrafish Techniques: Cryopreservation and in vitro fertilization
Genetic Colony Management: Avoiding inbreeding
Facility Planning: Thinking ahead of proper space allows for proper Facility Management

For International participates please contact:
Marco Brocca: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Debora Nisi: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tecniplast Aquatics e-Shop: come and shop with us!

Among the different species used in laboratory animal research, zebrafish has been the one that has raised most of the interest over the last years. The peculiarities of this animal model are nowadays well known within the research community and thanks to the latest technology implemented for the genome modification (CRISPR), the variety of fields where these tiny fish are used has simply exploded. The exponential growth of the applications has not although seen as much of innovation in the side services to properly support the peculiar needs of researchers and laboratory users. Digital technology has opened a multitude of opportunities, ranging   from better performing equipment, to data collection (to support research standardization), and improving support services.

Tecniplast since many years has adopted innovative technology in its systems and the application of sensors embedded in the equipment has become a standard. More precise and better-tracked system’s performances as well as the flexibility provided by electronics and software are now commonly available and have improved the equipment greatly.

As industry leader at Tecniplast we have also worked significantly to improve the support service of the offer we are capable to propose to the industry. Specifically in the zebrafish community, we truly believe that there are still some unanswered needs in the industry: parts and consumables availability, simplicity of purchasing workflow and fast-shipping options for vital components.

Tecniplast Aquatics Solutions team is extremely happy and excited to communicate the launch of the first e-Shop service specifically implemented for the Zebrafish community:

The website features Tecniplast pieces of equipment (like the newly introduced sloped breeding tank and the I-spawn S etc..), Tecniplast systems consumables (pre-filter pad, mechanical filter cartridges, UV lamp etc..) but also all the most commonly used products in any zebrafish lab. Through specific partnership, the Tecniplast e-Shop offers colorimetric test kits, probe calibration solutions, diets, salts and sodium bicarbonate, brushes, thermometers and much more, which add to our traditional product portfolio.

On the website you can find just what you need for your laboratory, putting an end to the endless search for what you need in pet e-shop and generic website re-seller. The Tecniplast e-Shop is exclusively dedicated to the zebrafish research laboratories, all the products are classified in simple categories and clearly described with specific pictures and descriptions. The structure of the website allows the user to be no more than 3 mouse clicks away from the products you need and add it to the shopping cart.

All the products shown on the website are physically available at the Tecniplast warehouse located in West Chester (PA) and all the orders processed through the e-Shop has the maximum priority within the organization, with the shared goal of delivery at destination within 72 hours from the order.

The beauty and the speed of an e-Shop website and the familiarity of a well known and dedicated brand!

Come and shop with us at

The e-Shop service is exclusively available for the US market. No purchases and deliveries are allowed abroad.                      

Massimo Ferrari

International Sales Area Manager

Our Partners View – Calypso at KCL

We are proud to introduce King’s College London Aquatic Facility, one of the world leading facility specialized in zebrafish scientific research with over 3,200 tanks and 10,000 litre system volume.

KCL has always invested heavily in automation, including nine fully automated feeding robots (Tritone), and recently installed a Calypso aquatic washer.

Calypso now allows KCL’s team to have a standardize washing process, which ensures 100% clean residue-free tanks every time, in just 23 minutes fully validated cycle, this guarantee a quick turnaround of tanks in a  busy aquatic facility. 

Let’s experience together the genuine and enthusiastic feedback from Will, one of the users that everyday operates with Calypso.

To find out more about Calypso Aquatic Washer, please visit

Watch the video interview on Youtube:

iSpawn Zebrafish Breeding Tank Product Launched at Boston Children’s Hospital

A new fish tank designed to optimize zebrafish breeding is Boston Children’s most recent licensed product to hit the market. 

Full article here:

Tecniplast Aquatics Solutions Has Added Nature Magazine to the Website!

Nature Magazine has been added to the Links of Interest under the "Education & Resources" tab. Nature Magazine is a great source of news regarding research, especially research with zebrafish! 

Check out all the information available at

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